SIGNATURE 10-52 L.T.H.B sähkökitaran kielet

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Dean Markley SIGNATURE 2504B L.T.H.B sähkökitaran kielet

010, 013, 017, 030, 042, 052
Sporting a new look, our NickelSteel Electric™ strings are the cornerstone of Dean Markley. They’re used and loved by thousands of pros worldwide, and they have been for decades. Tried and true, with long-lasting tone.

With nickel-plated steel hand-wound slowly over a hex core, the outer string wrap maintains100% contact with the core. The result? A string that vibrates completely for maximum sustain, creating a warm, full sound distinctive of classic rock and roll. The core-to-wrap ratio makes bending easier than other strings, too. There’s a reason we’ve put our signature on ‘em. These strings sound and feel like home!
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