AMT S3G Kitaramikrofoni

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AMT S3G, maailman paras kitaramikrofoni Akustiselle kitaralle. Made in USA
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The S3G is a unique, low-profile condenser microphone that can only be used with an acoustic guitar that has a sound-hole under the strings. This microphone incorporates an omni pattern to capture the sound from inside the guitar.

The AMT S3G features a flexiable gooseneck, allowing the player to position the microphone for the best possible tone reproduction. It's rugged construction of anodized aviation aluminum makes it highly durable, while being lightweight and non-corrosive.

The S3G is terminated by a 3.5mm plug which connects to a belt pack preamp. The included belt pack houses a volume control, contours the setup for the intended instrument, and powers the microphone system appropriatly. A low Z cable and case is included.
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