NUX NGS-6 Amp Academy

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NUX NGS-6 Amp Academy maailmanluokan putkivahvistimia mallintava pedaali

-Pro-Level Amp Modeling with Bias Tweaking.
-7 Independent movable signal blocks with Send/Return effect loop.
-Intuitive operation and editor software.
-1024 samples IR resolution and 3rd party IR loader slot with auto format editor.
-Versatile application scenes with independent 1/4” & XLR IR outs.
-Ultra-low system latency(1.2ms) and premium powerful NXP RT DSP(1GHz).
-Comes with Insert Y-cable for send/return effect loop.
-USB recording interface, firmware update, AmpAcademy™ editor software.
-Ultra-wide dynamic range: 110dB
-Features Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots, NXP RT super powerful DSP (1000MHz), 4 In TI PCM1840 ADC, 4 Out AKM AK4454 DAC, …etc
Nux Amp Academy – keikallekin ilman vahvistinta | Riffi
Amp Academy features 6 legendary amp models like Vintage(Fender Twin Reverb), Classic(Fender Vibro King), Modern(Mesa Boogie Mark I), Brown(Friedman HBE), Red(Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier), and Iridium(Bogner Uberschall), it can be used either on stage, in studio or simply for practice at home.
1024 samples IR resolution with 3rd party IR loader capacity makes it easy to bring your favorite amp sound everywhere.
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