UFIP TS-A Tiger series symbaalipaketti

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UFIP TS-A Tiger Series symbaalipaketti

Sisältää Ufip Tiger Series 14" Hi-Hatin, 16" Crashin, 20" Riden ja vahvistetun kantopussin.

Tehty Italiassa. Käsintaottu
The look of the new Tiger cymbals is awesome! These cymbals are made individually by hand. Following a special heat treatment our cymbalssmiths finish the surface of each cymbal to produce their distinctive Tiger stripes.

The explosive and aggressive sound character of the Tiger cymbals contrasts with the warmth of their look.

The Tigers are powerful and very fast in response: played loud they develop a wide and complete sound range; played softly they react immediately with fast response and limited overtones.

The Tiger cymbals are a very special instrument realised for drummers that love to explore new sound possibilities.
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