NUX MD6 Digital Delay pedaali jossa loopperi

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The MD6 is the ultimate digital multi - effects pedal delivers more power than any other
digital delay pedal on the market.

NUX MD6 Digital Delay pedaali jossa loopperi
It has up to 5.94 seconds of delay, which is perfect for
the built-in Loop function, providing enough 11.88 seconds of time to record a typical rhythm pattern and have it loop.
You also get three delay mode types, including: Delay, Ping Pong and Reverse.

All mode types can adjust to digital, tape and analog by filter knob.Tap Tempo lets you
set the repeat time by tapping the footswitch.

※Up to 5.94 seconds of delay

※Six different delay modes


※Dual color LIVE LED for effect ON/OFF, battery check and Tempo display is included

※The delay time can be set in real time by pressing the pedal to input the tempo

※An optional foot switch can be connected to the PEDAL jack. The foot switch is
seful for quickly input the tempo
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