Ebtech HE-8 Hurinan poistaja, räkkiversio

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Ebtech HE-8 maahurinan poistaja, räkkiversio

Do you hear hum or buzz in your audio signal? Are long, unbalanced lines across stage creating problems? Get the Hum Eliminator!
Almost all AC hum (60 Hz in the U.S.) is caused by ground loops. These ground loops act like radio antennae picking up hum and noise. The Hum Eliminator completely eliminates this by breaking ground loops, making it impossible for the signal lines to pick up the AC hum and noise.

Just plug the Hum Eliminator into the signal lines between offending pieces of equipment and you're done. Quick and easy!

Eliminates AC hum/60Hz buzz and noise, quick and easy.

Breaks ground loops safely, while leaving all signal grounds intact.

Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping.

Converts automatically back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines at either end.

1/4 in. TRS "smart" jacks (tip, ring, sleeve) inputs and outputs.

Completely passive design with audiophile quality components assures the best possible noise- and distortion-free performance.
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