Ebtech HE-2 hurinan poistaja

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Ebtech HE-2 hurinan poistaja

Get Rid of That Annoying Buzz

Ebtech's HE-2 Hum Eliminator eliminates system noise and ground loops quickly, easily, and above all, safely! Extremely high quality transformers isolate circuits, keeping grounds intact while breaking troublesome loops and balancing unbalanced gear. 1/4" TRS in and out.

Eliminates AC hum and noise quickly and easily
Automatically converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines
Allows using professional equipment for long signal runs free of hum
1/4" TRS "smart jacks" inputs and outputs
Safely breaks ground loops while leaving all signal grounds in tact
No dangerous ground lifting
Automatically translates signal voltages to match differences in ground potentials, avoiding clipping
Less than .005% THD @1kHz
Crosstalk better than -97dB
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