Dean Markley 12-kielinen Bronze light setti

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Dean Markley BRONZE LIGHT 2202 12-kielinen setti

LIGHT 9/9, 12/12, 20/9, 26/11, 36/18, 46/24
Same great strings as the VintageBronze™ Acoustics. These sets are balance-gauged so your guitar neck doesn't do anything it's not supposed to… like turn into a pretzel.
The Experience

Scooter had been on tour for longer than anyone knew, really. We’d ask him, “Hey Scooter, how long have you been out on the road?” And he’d just look down at his worn-out old high-tops, shake his head, not so full of hair anymore, receded and white, and say, “Can’t say I remember a time when I wasn’t loadin’… or unloadin’ a bus.” And then he’d look around sort of quick, left to right, and he’d notice something that needed to be done, a cable that needed to be taped down, a mic that needed to be plugged in. A bottle of water that, even though no one asked for it, Scooter would always set out for each and every one of us in the band. Scooter’s that kind of guy. You couldn’t ask for a better man behind the scenes.

He’s been doing it for years. No one really knows how long. Everyone hopes he’ll be out there, riding in that bus from dusk til dawn, forever. We know we couldn’t do it without him. And something tells me the feeling’s mutual.

Dean Markley Vintage Bronze acoustic strings are the strings that started it all. With an outer wrap that’s diamond-drawn 85/15 alloy, they’ll give you a sound for the ages, one that will outlast them all.
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