Clavia Nord Electro 5 HP73

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Nord Electro 5 HP73

Since its introduction in 2001 the Nord Electro has been the natural choice for musicians in need of authentic emulations of classical electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in a portable and easy to use package.

With greatly expanded memory, the added ability to split and layer and a live focused program section, the new Nord Electro 5 is a highly refined, focused yet flexible stage keyboard.
Main Features

    -Splits and Layers – Piano/Organ, Piano/Sample, Sample/Organ
    -1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library
    -256 MB memory for Nord Sample Library
    -OLED Display for excellent overview and readability
    -6 Split Points with LED indicators
    -Redesigned Program section with Set List feature
    -Organize Mode lets you rearrange programs and samples on the fly
    -E-E key range for 5D 73 and 5 HP

Piano Section

    -Sympathetic String Resonance
    -4 Dynamic Curves

Sample Synth

    -Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls


    -Nord C2D B3 Tonewheel simulation
    -Physical Drawbars on 5D 61 and 5D 73 models    
    -Principal Pipe Organ model
    -Farfisa and Vox simulations
    -B3 Tonewheel Bass
    -Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation from Nord C2D
    -Mount for Half-Moon Switch for Rotary Speaker control (5D 61/73)
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