Carvin BRX10.4NEO bassokaappi

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Carvin BRX10.4NEO bassokaappi

Made in USA

1200W, 4 x 10", pyörät
34,5 kg
BRX10.4 Neo features Neodymium drivers for dynamic snap and awesome response down to the low B. The driver and enclosure design kick up enormous efficiency gains over standard enclosures and has the effect of nearly doubling your RMS power while at the same time eliminating the need for a subwoofer. The BRX systems will substantially reduce the weight and size of your rig while achieving deep bass output with magnificent tone. Experience the new standard for compact, high-powered bass systems.

• 4 Neodymium 300w 10” woofers,
• Titanium HF driver
• Imp: 4ohms, power handling: 1200 Watts
• Reproduces Frequencies from low B (26 Hz to 22k Hz)
• Sensitivity: 104dB @ 1w and 135 dB @ 1200w
• Size: 24W x 18D x 27.75"H, WT 76 lbs
• Heavy-duty 31/2”casters
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